According to OSHA, forklifts have caused approximately 85 deaths, 34,900 serious injuries, and 61,800 non-serious injuries per year since 1981 due to unsafe operation. Follow these warehouse safety tips to improve the safety of your worksite.

Warehouse operators and managers should always feel safe when doing their jobs. The best way to create a feeling of safety is by minimizing the danger associated with these environments. 

Enhance the safety of your work environment by following these forklift and warehouse safety tips:

  • Be certified
  • Wearing the right clothes
  • Examine your equipment
  • Label dangerous zones
  • Eliminate safety hazards
  • Enforce safety rules
  • Maximize visibility

Forklift Safety Rules in Warehouses

Forklifts are one of the most commonly used pieces of machinery on the worksite. That’s why the first step toward creating a safer warehouse work environment is through forklift safety training.

Here are a few tips to put on your warehouse safety checklist:

Be Certified

At first glance, a forklift may not seem that difficult to operate—but don’t let looks fool you. These machines are complex and require a trained expert to control them. Most forklift accidents are caused by poor training, so you must receive proper training and an OSHA-approved license before attempting to use a forklift.

Always ensure that all staff are educated and updated with knowledge about best practices and safety training for warehouse employees. This is arguably the most important warehouse safety tip.

Do you want an equipment services provider that values your safety?

Wear the Right Clothes

When you’re in a warehouse, it’s important to wear appropriate clothes. Items like open-toe shoes and baggy pants often lead to injury. Typical warehouse attire includes:

  • Safety shoes 
  • Hard hats 
  • Highly visible jackets

These clothes increase overall workplace safety and help prevent injury.

Examine Equipment Before Every Use

Before driving a forklift, an operator should perform a routine check. Inspect the machinery for any faults, and take note of damage you discover. If there’s a problem with your equipment, management should be notified, and the forklift should stay off until it’s repaired.

Clearly Label Designated Hazardous Zones

Store dangerous equipment in a safe and clearly labeled area. Highlight safe walkways with necessary signage.

Eliminate Any Potential Safety Hazards

Always check your surroundings before a project. Ensure all warehousing floors are free of “slip trip and fall” hazards. There should be no stray cords or liquids on the floor.

Enforce Forklift Safety Rules in the Warehouse

Ensure all of your employees understand and consistently implement warehouse safety tips. Hang up inspection checklists on your warehouse floor to remind your team members of the expectations and rules that improve their health and safety.

Maximize Visibility

Forklifts are great for picking up and moving items from place to place—but, they’re not perfect. If you’re not careful, a load can potentially obstruct your view of what’s in front of you. To avoid this, keep the forks low to the ground, and if your load blocks your line of sight, drive in reverse.

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Implement Warehouse Safety Tips With Brennan

When it comes to warehouse safety, several benefits are often overlooked. Safety procedures are frequently disregarded in various workplaces because of insufficient time and resources or an opportunity to cut corners to save money. At Brennan, we don’t cut corners. By minimizing the risk of injury, you experience less downtime and a much safer environment.

Brennan Equipment Services offers material handling solutions and products from Hyundai, Cascade, and Taylor-Dunn. If you need parts, service, or trucks, we have everything you need for your facility and more.   

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