Fleet Management

Brennan Fleet Management Services deliver custom-built fleet management programs that are personalized for a fleet of any budget. This provides your company with complete control and flexibility. Brennan Equipment Services focuses on your fleet so you can focus on your business. At Brennan Equipment Services, our two main goals for our Fleet Management Service are to optimize your fleet and minimize cost.

Did you know that most companies are unsure of their total material handling costs? This cost is necessary to know because only 20% of forklifts’ cost over its lifetime are actually associated with purchasing. Brennan Equipment Services has found that the bulk of spending actually comes later in damage, repairs and training.

At Brennan, we use a procedure called the 5R process to look deeper into your company’s application. This 5R process consists of Retain, Repair, Replace, Retire and Redeploy. After this method, our team then redefines your fleet by four segments consisting of Core, Flex, Standby and Short-Term Rental. When we have a complete understanding of your business, we will then be able to “right size” your fleet population by developing a strategy that fits your company’s needs. Whether you need our Turnkey Integrated Solution, short term rental or something in between, we are confident we will be able to develop a plan that will result in the lowest cost per hour for your business. After this plan is developed, Brennan will be with your company every step of the way by providing ongoing direction and support for your company.

Brennan Equipment Services knows that fleet management isn’t where you, as a business, need to be spending most of your time. Our team believes in staying in front of issues and using the information we complied to make good decisions. We are confident that we have mastered the art of fleet management and are a dependable source for your company.

At Brennan Equipment Services, we understand how imperative it is that your fleet is working at the highest level of efficiency, while accomplishing the most minimal expense every hour. Our team can help your business optimize your original investment by minimizing your total cost. We are confident that we will find the correct rental, lease or ownership to meet your economic requirements.

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