Brennan Equipment Services has been in the material handling business for over 60 years and has made a name for itself offering the best products around. We are independently owned and operated allowing us to make critical decisions in a timely manner while offering unique solutions that drive productivity and reduce cost. We strive to understand each customers forklift and utility vehicle needs and offer the best solution to fit within your business. We are an official Hyundai, Taylor-Dunn and Cascade dealer and offer a myriad of products from each brand. Whether you are looking to purchase or rent short-term or long-term, we have a solution that will fit within your business needs.

Fork Lifts

As an official Hyundai dealer, we offer the best fork lifts and truck from the leading manufacturer in the business. Whether gasoline or electric, small or large we have plenty of options to fit within your business. We offer models in Class 1, Class 4 and Class 5, and can help you find the right model based on your needs. Whether it’s Class 1 you need for lighter loads, Class 4 for a bit more extra power, or Class 5 for moving heavier material, we have a wide range of products

Utility Vehicle

Taylor-Dunn has been providing commercial and industrial vehicles to the workplace for over 60 years and prides themselves on being the leading solution for customers in a broad range of industrial, commercial, and ground-support markets. Whether it be a burden carrier, personnel carrier or utility vehicle, Brennan Equipment Services has the right vehicle for you.


Cascade is the leading supplier of material handling parts and attachments and has been servicing the industry for over 70 years. Brennan Equipment Services is proud to be an official Cascade dealer as it allows us to help our clients find the best quality in lift truck attachments, forks and accessories.

We look forward to helping you fulfill all your forklift, industrial vehicle and accessory needs!

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