At Brennan, it is our goal to provide you with the correct equipment when you need it most. That is why we offer an extensive inventory of Taylor Dunn equipment. Whether it’s burden carriers, personal carriers, tow tractors or utility vehicles, we know we have the right equipment solution for your project.  All of the solutions we offer are reliable, efficient and economical.

Tow Vehicles-Burden Carriers
  • B-125
  • B-150
  • B-200
  • B-210 EE
  • B-210 GT
  • B-238
  • B-248 36V GT
  • B-248 48V AC
  • B-248 48V GT
  • B-254 36V GT
  • B-254 48V GT
  • B-661E
  • C-415
  • C-432
  • G-150
  • K-45
  • MX-1600
  • MX-600
  • SC-090 24V
  • SC-100 24V
  • SC-100 36V
  • SC-100 48V
  • SC-175
  • TAT
  • TB-4
Electric- Personal Carriers
  • B-100
  • B-210 AMB GT
  • Bigfoot Ambulance 36V
  • Bigfoot Ambulance 48V
  • BT-248 36V GT
  • BT-248 48V GT
  • BT-248 72AC
  • BT-280 36V GT
  • BT-280 48V AC
  • BT-280 48V GT
  • FT-240
  • FT-280
  • R-380 36V
  • R-380 36V GT
  • R-380 48V GT
  • SS-534
  • SS-536
  • SS-546
  • T-941
  • T-942
Commercial Vehicles-Burden Carriers
  • Bigfoot 36V
  • Bigfoot 48V
Electric- Utility Vehicles
  • Bigfoot 3000
  • Bigfoot XL
  • ET-150 48V
  • ET-150 72V
  • ET-3000
  • T-48 GT
Tow Vehicles- Tow Tractors
  • C-410
  • C-420
  • C-425 GT
  • C-426 AC
  • C-426 ACEE
  • E-451
  • E-455 GT
  • E-457
  • TC-30/50 C
  • TC-30/60
  • TC-30/60 L
  • TC-50E
  • TC-80/120
  • TT-316

At Brennan Equipment Services, we are committed to our customers and their specific needs. That commitment does not end once the equipment sale is final. As a Dealer of Excellence we are constantly delivering high quality products, service and a top of the line level of professionalism long after the sale is finished. Our professional team takes the time to understand each customer’s utility vehicle needs and continues to provide the aftermarket support that is needed to increase productivity.

We would love to provide you with the high quality Taylor Dunn equipment that your company needs. Contact us today to receive a quote!

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