At Brennan Equipment Services, we strive to give our customers the required equipment they are looking for to complete all of their jobs. We offer a large inventory of Cascade Forklift Attachments. Cascade has been in the business for over 70 years working to design, manufacture and sell forklift attachments. For over a half century, the material handling industry has grown immensely and Cascade has been an important role in that advance. We offer plenty of their products to help your forklift most productive and efficient.  We partnered with Cascade because we know their equipment is dependable, consistent and cost-effective.

Cascade Attachments

Cascade Clamp Parts:

  • Carton Clamps
  • Paper Roll Clamps

Cascade Forklift Positioners

Cascade Forks:

  • Mobile Weighing

Cascade Push and Pulls

Cascade Rental Fleet

Cascade Rotator

Cascade Side Shifters

Cascade Integral Carriages

Cascade Layer Pickers

Cascade Multiple Load Handlers

Cascade Options and Accessories

Ordering your heavy duty equipment from Brennan, allows you to have peace of mind knowing you will be receiving the best attachments, accessories and parts possible. Cascade products make it easier to lift, load and transport items and material more efficiently and easier. If your company is unsure what product you think would best suit your current job, give us a call and we can analyze your business’s situation. Our team is here to help you!

At Brennan Equipment Services, we are dedicated to our customers and their wants and needs when it comes to all things equipment. We want you to have the best equipment possible and we know that with our professional team, partnership with Cascade and our understanding of each of our client’s forklift needs; we can find you exactly what you’re looking for in equipment. Contact us to receive a quote on any Cascade products today!

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