Internal Combustion Forklifts

The Brennan Equipment Services team understands that some of the most popular forklifts contain an internal combustion engine that is powered by gasoline, liquid petroleum, diesel fuel, and compressed natural gas. That is why our team provides customers with the propane, diesel, or gas equipment they need and the services that keep their equipment running efficiently and effectively.

If it is time to replace, repair, or service the propane, diesel, or gas engines that power your industrial systems, our technicians are ready to help!

The three kinds of engines that we offer are:

  • Diesel
  • Liquid Propane
  • Gasoline

Forklifts that have internal combustion engines need regular maintenance to ensure that the engines run smoothly, have no fuel or oil leaks, and don’t need parts replaced. That is where Brennan comes in. We will perform scheduled service to keep your system running efficiently.

Some of the benefits that come with utilizing our internal combustion services are:

  • Faster Refuel – Unlike electric forklifts that may take 8 to 12 hours to charge a battery, internal combustion forklifts have the ability to be refueled whenever needed. All you have to do is fill it up at a gas pump or put in a new LPG canister and you will be back on the job in no time.
  • Eliminating Potential Hazards – There are multiple hazards that come with internal combustion engines, including carbon monoxide exposure and oil or fuel leaks. Brennan will ensure your systems are running safely and efficiently. That way, you are able to provide your team with a much safer work environment.
  • All Terrain – Since they are designed for outdoor use, internal combustion lifts are the only kind of forklifts that have the ability to operate in multiple environments. Their heavy-duty tires and robust design allow them to handle any high-capacity and rough terrain projects.

We make it our personal goal to provide our customers with the products they need for their unique project, and ensure that they receive customer service that surpasses their expectations. When you are in need of an internal combustion diesel or gas engine, you need the best products from the best provider. For a successful project that is completed in a timely manner, choose Brennan Equipment Services. Contact us today to get started!

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