Electric Forklifts

Selecting the right forklift is a critical part of meeting your business’s logistics goals and ensuring your ongoing success. Forklifts have a direct impact on both the overall cost of your operations as well as your team’s productivity. Whether you need a single forklift or a whole fleet, Brennan Equipment Services specializes in helping you decide which forklift solution is right for your business. With almost 60 years of experience, Brennan Equipment Services knows what customers want in an electric forklift. Whether your company is looking to buy or rent a new or used electric forklift, Brennan Equipment Services is the one-stop shop for all of your forklift-related needs.

Wondering why more businesses are transitioning to electric forklifts? Here are three key reasons:


With less noise than an internal combustion forklift, an electric forklift is perfect for indoor use. If you plan to use a forklift inside a warehouse or storeroom, electric forklifts also allow for easier maneuverability around the building. Since these forklifts do not have a combustion engine, you don’t need to worry about fumes and exhaust coming from the engine in areas where air ventilation is low.


When factoring in fuel prices and maintenance expenses, electric forklifts offer lower overall costs than internal combustion forklifts. Over the life of a forklift, the price of a battery, charger, and costs associated with charging a battery are less than propane, gasoline, or diesel fuel. With fewer moving components, the cost of maintenance tends to be less on electric forklifts as well.



Electric forklifts are more comfortable for individuals to operate. With less noise, heat, vibration and no exhaust fumes, electric forklifts reduce operator fatigue over the course of long shifts. Electric forklift trucks are also shorter, so steering is more responsive and tighter in narrow aisles when compared to internal combustion forklifts. The operator sits higher on an electric forklift, increasing the visibility of the forks and improving safety.

Electric Forklift Maintenance

Even though we partner with industry leaders like Hyundai, Taylor-Dunn, and Cascade, even the finest forklifts require ongoing maintenance and proactive repairs to continue performing at peak levels. Battery maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your electric lift truck fleet maximizes your return on investment by serving you for years to come. Electric forklift maintenance directly impacts the lifespan and performance of your fleet. That’s why our electric forklift maintenance solutions are designed to help you maximize your cost savings by taking care of the forklifts that take care of you.

Our preventative maintenance service includes the following procedures to maximize the health and lifespan of your forklift batteries:

  • Voltage testing
  • Cable inspection
  • Specific gravity acid reading
  • Watering indicator reading
  • Examination of single-point watering system
  • Cleaning contact points

On top of this checklist, we also incorporate battery washing into our preventative maintenance programs. The benefits of regularly washing your batteries include:

  • Removing acid buildup
  • A cleaner appearance
  • Mitigating risk of cell shorts
  • More efficient contact points
  • Removal of hazardous materials
  • Optimizing watering systems

With eco-friendly guidelines increasing, the market for multipurpose and powerful electric forklifts continues to rise. Brennan Equipment Services will be sure to find your company an electric forklift that is built to last. Contact us today!

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