Long-Term Forklift Rental

Brennan’s Turnkey Integrated Solutions (TIS) offer a unique approach that revolutionizes what you may have come to expect from traditional leasing programs. We work with you to design a comprehensive agreement that is interactive to give you the flexibility to scale and update your fleet as your needs change.

Brennan Rental’s team of professionals works with you to tailor a program that optimizes the size and capabilities of your fleet. Because we work with a wide range of top forklift companies, we can leverage your options to get you the equipment you need at the best value on the market. Whether you need a heavy-duty forklift for the construction site or an electric forklift for material handling in your warehouse, the Brennan team is here to develop the ideal solution for your needs.


Benefits of Renting Forklifts From Brennan

The benefits of the TIS program offered by Brennan include:

A Simplified Experience

Our goal is to simplify every step of the forklift rental process. Our agreement only involves two parties: Brennan Rental and your company. That means you don’t have to deal with any middlemen or a third-party financial or leasing institution. This approach allows us to work together directly as your needs change to adjust quantities, adapt to different workflows, meet changes in specified equipment, or revise terms and conditions as needed.

We provide a hands-on partnership to address your needs quickly. When you partner with Brennan, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a financial institution that’s focused primarily on profit and not on the streamlined operation of your facility.

One Fixed Fee

With our TIS program, we offer a comprehensive rate that typically includes new equipment and covers all standard required maintenance to maximize uptime. Our solutions make it easy to get the high-quality equipment you need from the top forklift manufacturers at a fixed monthly fee. With one payment to cover all of your needs, your budget is simplified, making long-term planning easier and reducing the risk of surprise expenses later on.

Comprehensive Support

Because the product is entirely different from leasing arrangements, there are no residual values estimates assigned. Brennan Rental is committed to maximizing the uptime of your equipment. That commitment includes technician response and even replacement equipment if a unit goes down or if repairs cannot be made on site.

Brennan Rental maintains ownership of the equipment throughout its life, so if the equipment does not operate properly or reaches the end of its economic life, we replace it with an entirely different piece of equipment. That means we absorb the risk of ownership while you get the equipment you need without the burden.

Minimize Upfront Expenses

With Brennan Rental owning the equipment, you can minimize capital expenses to protect your business’s bottom line. You don’t have to worry about down payments or expensive upfront costs. With one monthly fee, you get the latest equipment you need while making your budget go further.

If you’re ready to streamline your operations with equipment from industry-leading forklift brands, contact the experts at Brennan today to get started.

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