Long Term Forklift Rental

Brennan’s Turnkey Integrated Solution (TIS) is a unique product that is completely different from traditional leasing programs. The agreement is “interactive” so that it allows the flexibility to evolve and update your fleet. Brennan Rental’s team of professionals will work with you to tailor a program that will “right-size” your fleet…the right type, right brand, right specifications, right terms and conditions and the right quantity.

The benefits are:

  • Our agreement is “two-party” between Brennan Rental and your company; there is no “third-party” financial or leasing institution involved. This allows us to work directly together if you need to change quantities, if you need a different style or specification of equipment, or a change in terms or conditions, we work interactively to quickly meet your needs. No involvement of a financial institution that focuses entirely on the their “yield” and not the operation of your facility.
  • A comprehensive rate that typically includes new equipment and all maintenance required to maximize uptime.
  • Because the product is entirely different than leasing arrangements, there are no “residual values” estimates assigned. Brennan Rental’s commitment is for “up-time”, including technician response, replacement equipment if a unit goes down or if repairs cannot be made on site. Brennan Rental owns the equipment throughout its life, so if the equipment does not operate properly, or reaches the end of its economic life, we replace it with an entirely different piece of equipment.
  • With Brennan Rental owning the equipment, the cost to our customer’s is “variable” and reflects towards our customer’s operating statements and not their balance sheet.

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