Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is over 200 years old, and it’s home to over 200,000 people. It’s the second-largest city in Indiana, after Indianapolis, and it’s sometimes referred to as the All-American City. It has a history of building its industry based on its nearby canal. That industry gave way to many industrial facilities making their home in Fort Wayne. That’s why we provide equipment rental and purchase services in this city.

Brennan Equipment Services—Your Fort Wayne Forklift Dealer

We provide a range of material handling equipment services to help your industrial facility run as smoothly as possible. These services include:

Each of these services meet a specific need to help industrial businesses operate efficiently.

The Vehicles We Provide

We provide many different vehicles for you to operate in and around your industrial facility. These vehicles include the following:


The forklifts we offer our customers fall into three main categories:

  • Internal Combustion: These forklifts work best in outdoor environments like construction sites. They run on diesel, gasoline, and liquid propane. We provide this type of forklift and keep it fueled and running well when you rent one from us.
  • Electric: Electric forklifts work best in indoor environments such as warehouses and distribution centers. They don’t need fuel, and they run quietly, cutting down on the noise in your facility.
  • Narrow Aisle: These are electrical forklifts that specialize in moving between narrow warehouse aisles. They reach great heights and lower your facility’s products from those high shelves safely. Overall, these forklifts help you reach as much storage space as possible as you move products through your warehouse.

Aerial and Scissor Lifts

Forklifts aren’t the only type of lift we offer. We also offer aerial lifts that lift your employees up and around into limited-access areas. We provide both indoor and outdoor aerial lifts to help you get to hard-to-reach places in both types of environments.

Scissor lifts raise and lower in one spot at a time. They help your employees reach a series of shelves or other things located on multiple levels in your warehouse. These lifts have very small footprints inside warehouses, and you can easily customize them to fit your facility’s needs. We provide electric and internal combustion scissor lifts to our customers.

Burden Carriers

These burden carriers help you move products from one place to another throughout your facility. They keep your aisles organized and minimize the space you need to move your products from place to place. Burden carriers also reduce product damage and the amounts of traffic that occur in your warehouse.

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Our Other Fort Wayne Product Offerings

We provide other services like tool rental in Fort Wayne, too. For example, we offer forklift attachments for sale or rent. These attachments include:

  • Clamp parts
  • Forklift positioners
  • Rotators
  • Side shifters
  • Layer pickers
  • Multiple load handlers

Each attachment performs its own function that improves your forklift’s performance. For example, side shifters help loads shift from side to side to improve your forklift’s maneuvering. Similarly, rotators allow your forklifts to rotate loads 360 degrees to dump or invert them. Overall, these product offerings boost your forklifts’ operations so you can move as many products as possible through your warehouse or distribution center.

Why Work With Brennan Equipment Services

Brennan has a top-quality selection of forklifts from industry-leading manufacturers, including Hyundai, Taylor-Dunn, and Cascade. We offer forklifts for sale and rent whenever you need them. We always use our excellent customer service to deliver the vehicles, parts, and services that you need.

If you’re ready to rent or purchase an industrial vehicle, reach out to us today. We help you find the right vehicle for your industrial Fort Wayne business. We can also help you maintain one forklift or manage an entire fleet. Whatever your forklift needs are, we’re here to meet them.

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