Burden Carriers

At Brennan Equipment Services, we are confident that our team can find your business the right burden carrier you are looking for to add to your fleet or just to rent.Your business can rest assured that you are receiving top of the line equipment by our highly trained professionals because we carry Taylor-Dunn the market leader in personnel and burden carriers.The benefits of using a burden trucks as opposed to other pieces of equipment are:
  • Less product and equipment damage
  • Transport materials quicker
  • Less traffic
  • Flexibility
  • Organization
What’s great about working with Brennan over other material handling companies is that we assess your current situation and fleet and quote you on what we think would be most beneficial to your business and help you grow! We want to see the growth in your company just as much as you do.Our trained professionals have knowledge in the newest burden carriers and procedures so we can better serve your business when it’s time to help. We are confident that we can assist your business by helping you come to a burden carrier solution for your current jobs or to just include in your fleet. We can give you a quote today, just give us a call!

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