With over 840,000 residents in the Dayton Metropolitan area, it can be argued that Dayton is a great place to reside in southwest Ohio. Dayton is a large host for research in the industrial, astronautical and engineering industries. With the popularity of these fields growing, we know our business can assist this Ohio city.At Brennan Equipment Services, we have forklifts for sale in Dayton for your business to purchase or rent. Whether you are just starting on a job or project or need help finishing open jobs, we can help you evaluate your current job situation and figure out what type of equipment your business will benefit from most.Working with Brennan Equipment Services, we can guarantee that our highly trained professionals will be able to ensure that your company becomes more efficient and productive all together. We are confident our professionals can assist you because the forklift and material handling equipment we deliver to your business confirm a more productive and efficient projects because we tailor each solution to our clients differently based on what their business needs.We can assure you that your equipment will be top of the line because our main goal is to help your company’s fleet and equipment be the most efficient it can be. We have over 60 years in the industry under our belt for a reason. We are the right company for your business to choose to work with for your needs regarding material handling and forklifts in Dayton. We manage your fleet so you can have peace of mind when it comes to running your business. We look forward to speaking with your company and helping customize a plan for your forklift and equipment solutions! We can help with any questions you may have regarding our services.

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