Forklift Maintenance Services

Our Forklift Maintenance Services

Ongoing forklift maintenance services are a critical aspect of keeping fleets of all sizes safely operating at your facility. If you take care of your forklifts, you can be confident that they’ll take care of you when you need them most. On top of jeopardizing workplace safety, unexpected forklift breakdowns can also negatively impact productivity and your business’s bottom-line success.

The simplest solution to these potential problems? Brennan Equipment Services makes it easy to follow routine forklift maintenance schedules, so you can be confident your lifts are always operating at peak efficiency. Our team of forklift service technicians leverages decades of experience to keep your forklift fleet protected from preventable problems before they slow down your business. We make it easy to manage routine maintenance schedules and help you understand how forklift preventative maintenance delivers ROI by protecting your investment.

As a certified Gold Service Dealer, Brennan has a team of factory-trained service professionals that is uniquely equipped to handle even the most complex service projects. Whether you need to get an aging forklift back up and running, or you want to protect your whole fleet from costly breakdowns, we can scale our full range of maintenance services to meet your specific needs. Plus, we can work on any forklift, including electric lifts and internal combustion lifts.

All of our maintenance and service programs offer:

  • Professional mobile technicians and on-site service—we come to you!
  • Service and repair coverage for all major forklift brands and models
  • Factory-trained ProTech certified service technicians
  • A solution-oriented approach with a cost analysis
  • Average response time in 24 hours or less

Our complete list of forklift maintenance services includes:

  • Forklift engine maintenance
  • Tire replacement
  • Forklift battery maintenance
  • Charging station service
  • Manufacturer maintenance checklists

Anything else you don’t see here? If what you need involves forklifts, Brennan can help. Give us a call, and we’ll develop a forklift maintenance solution around your needs.

Forklift Preventative Maintenance

Brennan offers a complete range of forklift preventative maintenance options that ensure optimal material handling equipment performance while ultimately saving you money. With decades of experience and certifications, we make it easy to stay on top of your fleet’s forklift maintenance plan. We help you understand forklift maintenance schedules while keeping track of critical milestones.

That’s one less thing on your to-do list as our experts stay on top of critical service intervals and timelines. We work with you to schedule service appointments as needed. Our mobile service technicians then come to your facility and service your entire fleet. We can even schedule regular maintenance to occur outside of regular business hours, so crucial maintenance never gets in the way of productivity. And since we follow the same service schedule that manufacturers recommend based on usage intervals, we guarantee equipment stays protected under warranty.

Whether you’re interested in maintaining an aging fleet to maximize service life, or you want to keep a fresh-from-the-factory forklift operating at like-new levels, Brennan Equipment Services can help. In an industrial environment, general wear and tear, along with daily use, can start cutting into the value of your investment. That’s why there’s no better time than now to implement a forklift maintenance program and start protecting your investment.

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The experts at Brennan Equipment Services take pride in helping you maximize the value of your forklift fleet. Whether your fleet includes just one lift or a dozen, we can develop a customized forklift maintenance plan that aligns with your budget. Contact us today to schedule a free maintenance consultation, and we’ll show you exactly how we can start simplifying forklift maintenance at your facility.

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