Forklifts serve many purposes for your worksite’s day-to-day operations. However, additional equipment for your forklift can help optimize everyday processes. Here are three key benefits to integrating forklift attachments into your jobsite operations.


Increased Performance

Forklift attachments are designed to handle a wide range of responsibilities. Attachments can easily be swapped out, allowing your workers to go from one task to another quickly. This allows for a more efficient method of task completion while eliminating downtime.

Strategically operating forklifts—such as implementing forklift attachments—help your company move faster without needing a variety of high-powered equipment to handle different workloads. Forklift attachments that help boost productivity include:

Multiple Load Handlers

Multiple load handlers are designed to move more loads faster while reducing product damage. They can hold one to six loads simultaneously.


Rotator attachments apply 360-degree rotating capabilities, which allow forklift operators to invert or dump loads quickly.

Enhanced Safety

Workplace accidents are inevitable when operating heavy machinery, and some vehicles are more prone to incidents than others. Forklift attachments are excellent tools to reduce the risk of worksite accidents, employee injuries, and load damage. 

Here are a few forklift attachments that support worker, employee, and load safety:

Push/Pull Forklift Attachments

Push/pulls allow operators to ship, receive, and store loads on slip sheets rather than pallets, which reduces the risk of product damage. As a result, these push/pull attachments promote productive warehouse operations and require minimal maintenance.

Forklift Clamp Attachments

Forklift clamp attachments ensure a more efficient material handling process. Their best-selling clamp parts include:

  • Carton Clamps: Carton clamps allow your forklift operator to handle wider loads. They include padding so you can hold the load without risking damage to the items.
  • Paper Roll Clamps: Paper roll clamps are designed to handle paper rolls no matter the size, weight, or type of paper.

Reduced Labor Costs

An effective warehouse demands a lot of on-site personnel. Purchasing and integrating forklift attachments into your daily warehouse operations is a smart way to limit employee hours. By implementing forklift attachments, you have the opportunity to complete tasks with fewer employees. 

Here’s a popular forklift attachment that helps reduce labor costs:

Layer Pickers

Layer picker attachments are used to handle single or multiple layers of individually wrapped products such as electronics, cosmetics, and bottled beverages. They are generally used in beverage warehouses and distribution facilities to reduce manual labor and enhance speed and versatility.

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