Forklifts have come a long way since their introduction in 1917. Starting with The Clark Company’s Tructractor, forklifts have continuously evolved over decades to become an essential tool for several industries. Though the basic forklift is effective in various tasks, there’s always the temptation to immediately switch to new tools as technology and methodologies advance. But before spending money and resources on brand new equipment, consider using forklift attachments to expand your forklift functionality and versatility. The humble forklift can do far more with a range of attachments. Using forklift attachments can help a business increase productivity, increase safety, and decrease labor costs.

  • Increased Productivity

More versatility = more productivity. Forklift attachments are designed to handle a wide range of tasks. The attachments can also be quickly and easily changed for going from one duty to another. This combination of capabilities provides more efficient methods for completing tasks while also combating downtime. There are a few common forklift attachments that help get the job done. Pallet handlers and fork positioners allow personnel to better manipulate loads without using the time to get off and back on the forklift. Clamps allow forklifts to lift pallet-less and fragile goods, such as cases of wine and kitchen appliances, without damaging them. Using forklifts strategically helps a company move faster without needing all sorts of equipment to move different workloads. Beyond increasing productivity, forklift attachments can also bolster warehouse and facilities safety protocols.

  • Increased Safety

Mishaps can occur while utilizing any heavy equipment, but certain machines are more accident prone than others. For instance, using cranes and aerial lifts to reach greater vertical heights might increase personnel safety risks. Loads attached to cranes can swing or fall on a worker below. A worker could also fall out of an aerial lift. Using a vertical extender eliminates both the introduction of new risks and also costs that come with maintaining several different machines. Forklift attachments, such as cab covers, guidance lasers, and even blind spot cameras can be employed to mitigate the chances of worksite accidents and injuries. Not only can forklift attachments increase productivity and safety, but they can also slash labor costs.

  • Decreased Labor Costs

Effective warehouse management can demand a lot of personnel. Purchasing and implementing forklift attachments in smart ways can allow a business to cut employee hours needed to complete tasks and eliminate the need for hiring more personnel to complete simple tasks. Warehouse sweeping is one chore that can be easily knocked out with a forklift sweeping attachment. Instead of hiring another employee to sweep dust off the warehouse floor or adding hours to shifts, a forklift sweeper could quickly knock out the task in a fraction of the time. And if it snows, instead of hiring a third-party snow plow truck, forklifts can be outfitted with snow shovels to keep operations running without downtime.


Adding an array of forklift attachments can benefit any industrial operation. Who doesn’t want to increase productivity and safety while also slashing labor costs? If Brennan’s strategic thinking and experience is what you need, reach out to us for your next construction project. Let us do the heavy lifting.




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