Hyundai 9-Series

There’s an unlimited amount of forklifts on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which model is best for your operations. Hyundai promotes the Hyundai 35L-9 because it offers advanced features for users. With this forklift, you can:

Maximize Environmental Sustainability

The Hyundai 35L-9 is equipped with a KUBOTA WC3800 LPG engine. This engine meets EPA Tier 2 and Euro stage V emission regulations, achieving greater environmental sustainability and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Enhance Productivity and Durability

The Hyundai 35L-9’s sustainable engine dramatically reduces TCO. With its new HMC powertrain (T/M, D/A), the Hyundai 35L-9 achieves:
11% more fuel efficiency
24% higher maximum driving speed
5.3% drawbar pull improvement

The Hyundai 35L-9’s drive axle volume is 2.5 liters higher than other forklift models for improved wet disc brake performance and machine longevity. The forklift’s autoshift and DCSR function offer enhanced driving convenience and expanded transmission durability.

The Hyundai 35L-9 comes in an extended wheelbase option, which helps its running stability. The vehicle also has improved continuous working hours and reduced risk of temperature increase during operation.

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Prioritize Operator and Worker Safety

The Hyundai 35L-9 has more advanced safety features compared to other models, including:

  • An automatic parking brake that’s triggered when the engine stops
  • A maximum speed control that’s set ahead of time to ensure operators drive a safe speed throughout the workspace
  • Driving, lifting, and tilting restrictions when the operator leaves the driver’s seat
  • An alarm function to warn operators of a lift overload in the weight indicator system
  • A password setting to ensure that unauthorized users don’t operate the forklift

The Hyundai 35L-9 also has an optional seat belt interlock feature that stops forklift operations if the user isn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Facilitate Operator Ergonomics

The Hyundai 35L-9 provides many operational and user benefits. It offers easy access to the driver’s seat for convenience, plus deluxe suspension with cushion adjustment and an ELR seat belt for enhanced comfort. 

 The Hyundai 35L-9 improves driver visibility during operation. It has an MCU and digital cluster that offer a variety of drive controls, including autoshift, zero start, and DCSR. It also features auto tilt, a rear grip bar and horn, load weight indicators, a knob on the switch and horn, and a mast accumulator. 

For additional user comfort, you can install an air conditioner and a heater for a comfortable driving environment all year long.

Optimize Maintenance Services

The Hyundai 35L-9 is easy to service and maintain. Forklift maintenance professionals can determine an engine problem without additional diagnostic tools. The cluster screen identifies engine failure and shows users the amount of time needed to replace or fix the vehicle’s engine.

This forklift model is easy to maintain due to its horizontally placed MCV with an embedded emergency lowering screw. It also has a separate configuration of a three-way catalyst and silencer muffler to minimize maintenance costs.

Lastly, the Hyundai 35L-9 has a water- and dust-proof fuse and relay box to prevent contamination. In addition, a dust cover is applied to the rear wheel to reduce the traction of foreign particles.

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