Hyundai 50L-9

What do you look for in a forklift? Do you want one that’s easy to maintain? If you do, Brennan Equipment Services offers the Hyundai 50L-9 to meet your requirements. It has everything you need to perform effective material handling tasks in your facility.


Hyundai 50L-9 Features

This forklift offers the following features:

  • LED Lights: These lights increase user visibility and offer energy efficiency for your forklift.
  • Operator Display: A full-color LCD screen provides instant information about speed control, load weight, and onboard diagnostics.
  • Full Suspension Seat: The seat includes a seatbelt, an adjustable armrest, and lumbar support to ensure operator comfort and safety.
  • Load Rollers and Roller Carriage: The load rollers have full-face contact that rides on the web and flange to reduce channel movement beneath the forklift. The six heavy-duty roller bearings increase the forklift’s durability.
  • Rear View Camera: This wide-view camera allows operators to see behind them while operating the forklift, improving operator and pedestrian safety in your facility.
  • Hood and Floor Access: The hood’s removable side panels and the floor’s removable plate create easy access to forklift components, allowing quick and effective maintenance.
  • Panoramic Mirror: This wide-angle mirror reduces rearview blind spots for forklift operators.
  • Wet Disc Brakes: These brakes increase uptime while lowering your ownership costs. They last five times longer than typical drum brakes.
  • Parking Brake: This brake is electronically controlled and axle mounted. It automatically sets when the operator leaves the seat.
  • Hill Start Assist Control (HAC): This anti-rollback system prevents the forklift from rolling backward and harming employees or products in your facility.

Each of these features contribute to the Hyundai 50L-9’s smooth and safe operation.

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