Properly managing your forklift fleet is a great way to prevent major maintenance repairs in the long run. By keeping organized records and having your fleet inspected regularly, you can stay aware of any problems that arise and fix them before they cause downtime and revenue losses. Here are some tips for optimized fleet management.

Perform Daily Inspections

Daily forklift inspections are required by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, but not all companies perform them. By inspecting your lift trucks everyday, you can spot and then fix small problems before they become big ones. Performing these inspections early in the day will ensure you have more available forklifts for immediate operations—and in the long run.

Keep Records With Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software allows to you keep all of your utility vehicle records in one place. When you use this software, you can categorize your fleet by serial number and record ages, as well as any repairs trucks have had recently or currently need. These programs also have operation reporting features your fleet operators can use to report any problems they experience with vehicle operation. These reporting and data collection features allow you to keep a closer eye on fleet performance.

Train Your Fleet Operators

When you provide proper training to your forklift operators, they are less likely to make mistakes on the job. A better understanding of their vehicles can also increase productivity. Operator training teaches them how to use their forklifts efficiently, which can reduce fuel and repair costs. After all, managing your fleet involves managing vehicles as well as labor.

Partner with a Fleet Maintenance Provider

Partnering with a maintenance provider means you can focus on larger business decisions while the provider focuses on forklift fleet maintenance and repair. Each provider will have its own set of protocols for how it manages its clients’ fleets, so be sure to select one with protocols suited to your business operations.

At Brennan Equipment Services, we use a procedure we call the 5R process. During this process, we analyze your fleet and assess each vehicle according to these five labels: Retain, Repair, Replace, Retire, and Redeploy. After the 5R process is complete, we redefine your fleet by assigning each lift truck to one of these segments: Core, Flex, Standby, and Short-Term Rental. After we complete these steps, we formulate a plan for your fleet that will include these and other action protocols:

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Registration and renewal
  • GPS Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Accident and Damage Reports
  • Fuel Management
  • Service and Repair
  • Dispatching and Fulfillment

These protocols are designed to inform you and our technicians about the state and the location of your fleet. The more informed we are, the more we can help you optimize your fleet management.

Manage Your Fleet With Us

At Brennan Equipment Services, we can manage your fleet so you can get back to running your business. Our other services include forklift rentals and purchases. If you’re interested in improving or revamping your fleet management routine, call us today.

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