Over the years, forklifts have been used to perform the same basic function: moving heavy loads from one area to another. Even though this function has remained the same, the technology that is used to get the job done is constantly evolving. The evolution of the forklift and forklift technology is generally taken for granted and not acknowledged.

Forklifts have become:

  1. Smarter

Developments in forklift technology have resulted in a forklift that is more intelligent than its predecessors. Sensors can now be applied to forklifts in order to track the trucks movements and impact accidents. Since forklifts have become more sharp and resourceful, safety has improved tremendously, which we believe is the most important part of our industry.

  1. Customization

It is common for manufacturing firms to request the customization of their equipment. Technology has allowed forklift manufactures to provide solutions to applications that require special products. This is seen particularly in companies who are required to move extremely heavy or unusual objects into complicated spaces that make it harder to operate.

  1. Hydrostatic Drives

The hydrostatic drive offers a faster and more efficient option than what has been offered in the past. Hydrostatic drive ensures there are no mechanical brakes to adjust or repair and access to components for servicing is more straightforward. This ensures maintenance costs are kept down.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

As a result, in the rising cost of fuel, more environmentally friendly technologies are being incorporated into forklifts. Brennan Equipment Services have electric forklifts available. Electric forklifts do not produce emissions, which is a bonus in today’s business world. They improve the quality of the air for employees and customers and are much quieter to operate.

The forklift has come a long way in recent years. It has become a more user-friendly machine that benefits both the employer and the employee using it. Today’s forklifts offer more in the way of technology, power and performance than ever before, resulting in a smarter, more productive and reliable vehicle. Contact us today to learn more!

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