Your satisfaction is our priority! Hyundai introduces a new line of 9-series battery forklift trucks. The newly designed 4-wheel counterbalance trucks provide every operator comfortable driving, increased productivity and easy maintenance.

Compact forklift with proven AC technology

  • Maximum performance
  • Comfortable operating room
  • Load Weight Indicator
  • Battery side loading system
  • Curve control system
  • Curve control system
  • Fingertip controlled mini levers available (optional)
  • Safety system that prevents over loading (optional)


More efficient operating control levers: electronic directional control and secondary horn are mounted to the hydraulic lift lever for quick and precise maneuvering.

Finger trip control levers: the finger trip control lever allows more precise control and fatigue-free working. The ergonomically designed armrest can be adjusted up, down, forward, and backward for various operator’s body type.

Advanced Safety

Hyundai forklifts are equipped with many safety features as standard, providing operations with a safe and comfortable working environment.

When the forks are being lowered, a down-control valve maintains the controlled speed. The down-safety valve prevents forks from dropping down in case of sudden damage of hydraulic line. When the operator is not in the seat all mast and drive movements are inoperable.  LED combination lights and halogen headlights offer the driver visibility in all circumstances. Rear reflectors mounted on the counterweight enhance safety for the driver and the application.

Fast and Easy Maintenance

The newly designed operator compartment has ample space, providing a wider field of view and great operator comfort. The position of accelerator and throttle have been optimized for operator comfort. The wide and non-slip step offers convenience and safety when entering and exiting the truck. To achieve a comfortable drive position, the angle of the steering column can easily be adjusted through a lever on the right-hand side of the steering column.

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