Moving material from one side of the facility to another is unproductive and puts unnecessary physical strain on your hardworking warehouse employees. Brennan’s storage and handling equipment enable you to optimize warehouse operations. 

Types of Warehouse Vehicles

Warehouse vehicles help facilities optimize their everyday processes. The different types of warehouse vehicles include: 


Not every forklift is the same or provides the most efficient solution. There are several forklift options to choose from depending on the needs of your facility: 

  • Electric forklifts: Electric forklifts are great tools for meeting business logistics goals, reducing operational costs, and increasing employee productivity. 
  • Internal combustion forklifts: Internal combustion forklifts are powered by an engine rather than electricity. Benefits of this forklift include a faster refuel and eliminating potential hazards. 
  • Narrow aisle forklifts: Narrow aisle forklifts allow your business to maximize storage space; they are ideal for reaching high shelves in tightly spaced aisles.

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Commercial/Utility Vehicles

Forklifts don’t always provide the best solution for your business. Other warehouse vehicles that offer significant results include: 

  • Aerial lifts: Aerial lifts are designed to lift workers to new heights that they couldn’t access by using a ladder. 
  • Burden carriers: Burden carriers minimize product and equipment damage and can transport materials quicker throughout the facility. Check out our selection of burden carriers from Taylor-Dunn.
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts are a cost-effective alternative to aerial lifts. They take up minimal floor space, are customizable, and are easy to operate. 
  • Electric tugs: Forklift electric tugs are battery-powered machines that move heavy loads on wheels and rails. 
  • Pallet jacks: Pallet jacks—also known as pallet trucks and lift trucks—are a more basic version of a forklift. They can be manual or motorized; manual pallet jacks are commonly referred to as “walkie stackers.”
  • Electric personnel carriers: Electric personnel carriers transport loads throughout the facility. They are easy to navigate, quiet, and energy efficient. 

Types of Forklift Vehicle Attachments 

Forklifts are great tools for handling and transporting loads. However, there are attachments that make forklifts more efficient, including: 

  • Clamp parts: Clamp parts are designed for a more efficient material handling process; their goal is to grasp a load firmly. 
  • Forklift positioners: Forklift positioners adjust the spacing of the lift’s forks without the driver having to leave the vehicle’s seat. 
  • Fork solutions: In addition to traditional forks, there are innovative fork solutions available on the market. This includes mobile weighing forks, which combine load transportation and load weighing to save time and money. 
  • Push/pulls: Push/pull attachments help reduce product damage because operators store loads on slip sheets rather than pallets. 
  • Rotator: Rotator attachments provide a 360-degree rotating capability so operators can drop loads quickly. 
  • Side shifters: The purpose of side shifters is to slide loads from side to side to reduce handling time and enhance maneuverability. 
  • Layer pickers: Layer picker attachments are ideal for industries that handle canned and bottled products. They reduce the need for manual labor and boost speed and versatility. 
  • Multiple load handlers: This forklift attachment is engineered to carry numerous loads at one time to enhance productivity. 

Types of Warehouse Equipment Services

Forklift Maintenance Services

Forklift maintenance services are essential for retaining the efficiency of your forklift and prolonging its lifespan. Without forklift maintenance, you run the risk of jeopardizing workplace safety and unwarranted machine failure, which poses a risk for productivity and your company’s bottom line success.

Fleet Management 

Outsourcing fleet management services enables you to focus on more pressing business matters. There are two main goals of outsourced fleet management services: to optimize your fleet and reduce costs. By outsourcing fleet management services, you have the opportunity to customize your fleet operations. This gives your company complete control and flexibility. 

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