Discover how we can use our knowledge and experience to adapt our forklift services to meet your Indianapolis business’s needs.


Home to more than 2 million people in the metropolitan area, Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana. Constantly growing every year, this city has a love for everything Colts, Pacers, transportation, manufacturing, culture, food, and more. We know how much the city has to offer, which is why we provide our forklift and equipment rental and purchase services as well as our forklift maintenance services to the Indianapolis metro area. 

Brennan Equipment Services for the Indianapolis Area

The team at Brennan Equipment Services is ready to help your business in the Indianapolis area. We can give your company access to forklifts and equipment for all the projects you’re developing that need heavy industrial materials. For example, we can provide internal combustion equipment, such as diesel forklifts, for outdoor jobs performed on rough terrain. We can also supply you with electric forklifts for indoor jobs. Reach out to us so we can assess your forklift needs and provide you with the right services and pieces of equipment for your fleet.

Selecting the Right Forklift for Your Business

If you’re looking for the correct type of forklift rental in Indianapolis, or are in the process of starting a new project that requires forklifts or material handling equipment, Brennan Equipment Services is here and ready to assist! Our forklift solutions are able to ensure a more productive and efficient project. We can do this by assessing the project at hand and creating a plan that results in complete customer satisfaction and a successful result.

We can offer you industry-leading material handling equipment such as Hyundai forklifts. We also work with Taylor-Dunn and Cascade. Each of our vendor partnerships helps you access the lift trucks, burden carriers, and other equipment you need to perform jobs. Whether you need forklifts, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, or burden carriers, Brennan can help you choose the right equipment for your facility and the jobs at hand.

If you need a piece of equipment to add to your fleet or just need forklift repair near Indianapolis, we have a professional ready to help. We make sure our team is always up to date on the newest equipment and processes to help make sure you are receiving top of-the-line and high-quality materials.

Maintaining Your Forklift Fleet

In addition to helping you choose equipment for specific jobs, we can also perform preventative maintenance on your fleet. How can preventative maintenance protect your fleet? This type of maintenance resolves small problems before they grow into large ones that reduce your productivity and permanently harm your equipment. We work with you to develop a forklift maintenance plan that includes routine inspections to check forklift parts and operations. It also includes a forklift maintenance schedule that plots out when these visits occur. This maintenance model offers you the ability to keep your fleet in great condition as much as possible.

Fleet Power Maintenance

We can also maintain your fleet’s battery power as well as its parts and operations. Why does battery maintenance matter? How you treat your batteries can drastically increase or decrease their lifespan and affect how well your fleet works. Without proper battery maintenance, your fleet’s batteries may not be fully charged, and they could leak battery acid, which is a major safety hazard. Brennan can oversee your fleet batteries’ maintenance and make sure they’re stored safely and charged properly. Our maintenance can extend the lifespan of your fleet’s batteries by a few years.

Why Choose Brennan?

You should choose Brennan because we have decades of experience and knowledge to draw from as we assess and service your fleet. We work with businesses throughout Indiana and Ohio, and we understand that the needs of forklift operators and fleets vary from location to location. We can help you determine whether you need an industrial forklift or a small electric forklift or another piece of material handling equipment for your fleet.

Improve Your Forklift Fleet With Brennan

Having been in the industry for more than 60 years, we know we can help your company with any plans or projects you have right now or will have in the future. No project is too large or small for our team to work with. We can collaborate with you to make sure the equipment in your fleet suits all your current project’s needs and requirements. Partnering with us will give your business peace of mind so you don’t need to worry about your fleet or equipment. We take care of everything. If you need new or used forklifts in Indianapolis, give us a call!


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