So, you need to invest in a forklift or a fleet of forklifts for your business. That sounds simple enough, but there are many types of forklifts to choose from. How do you know which one best fits your business operations and the projects you tackle? Let’s explore the different forklift options and the industries they work best for in this forklift selection guide.

Types of Forklifts

There are several types of forklifts that work for various industries, including:
Internal Combustion Forklifts
These forklifts use diesel, gasoline, or liquid propane for fuel. They work best in outdoor settings, particularly those with rough terrain. Their heavy-duty tires handle tough jobs, no matter the terrain or load size. However, internal combustion forklifts emit carbon monoxide and contribute to carbon emission problems in our environment.
Electric Forklifts
Electric forklifts fit well in warehouses and other indoor environments. These forklifts are easy to operate with proper training and smaller than their internal combustion counterparts, so they handle narrow aisles and tight turns smoothly. They also make less noise than internal combustion lift trucks and don’t contribute to carbon emissions since they run on batteries instead of fuel. Hyundai offers a variety of electric forklifts.

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Best Forklifts by Industry
Different industries have different material handling requirements. Here’s how the two main forklift types suit various industries:

Warehouse: Warehouse managers often use electric lift trucks in their facilities because these lifts navigate tight areas well. They also make little noise and produce zero emissions, so they don’t expose forklift operators and other employees to harsh noise or toxic gases. They also work in warehouses because you can set up a charging station in the facility and send your electric lift trucks there whenever they need charging.
Food and Beverage: Electric lift trucks also suit this industry because they quickly move perishable products to their destinations within their facilities. They also navigate narrow aisles and reach great heights effectively, no matter how cool or temperature-controlled the facility is. Also, they don’t harm the products with carbon emissions. Check out forklifts for food and beverage from Cascade.
Lumber: The lumber industry uses both electric and internal combustion forklifts. Electric lift trucks work best in indoor environments where lumber products need to be moved and sorted. Internal combustion lift trucks work best in open lumber yards.
Concrete: Precast concrete products require internal combustion forklifts to carry them from place to place because concrete is so heavy. Internal combustion lifts are often built to withstand the wear and tear of delivering concrete products.

These are just a few ways that specific forklift types work within certain industries. If you need more information about a particular forklift’s industry uses, you can consult a detailed forklift purchasing guide.
Should You Purchase or Rent Your Forklift?
Once you decide which forklift your facility needs, you need to choose between renting or buying it. Forklift purchase vs. rental is an important decision and influenced by a few factors:

Frequency of use: How often do you plan to use your forklift or fleet of forklifts? If you only need one for a short period of time, like during the holiday season or for a special project, it’s best to rent your lift truck. If you plan to use your forklift daily or weekly, it’s best to purchase it.
Maintenance: Do you have employees who can maintain and repair a forklift or an entire fleet? If you do, purchasing is your best option. If you don’t, it’s best to rent lift trucks from a company like Brennan. We maintain and repair our lift trucks for our rental customers.

These are just a couple of the factors you should consider before purchasing or renting a forklift or a fleet. Once you weigh all the relevant details, you can make the right decision for getting a forklift in your facility.
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