While forklifts are already an efficient piece of equipment, Cascade Corporation manufactures forklift attachments to further optimize material handling processes. Here are the three best Cascade lift truck attachments in the market today:

Cascade Single-Double Forklift Attachment

The Cascade single-double forklift attachment, also known as the Single-Double Pallet Handler, is designed for bottling, brewing, production, or warehouse/shipping businesses. 

The Cascade Single-Double Pallet Handler is built to help users perform in any working condition and meet high-stake demands throughout the material handling industry. With the single-double forklift attachments, users can handle a single pallet and spread the forks to lift, carry, and side-shift multiple pallets side by side.

This Cascade forklift attachment has a variety of features, including:

  • Superior visibility 
  • All-steel frame for increased durability
  • Easy access cylinders for quick performance
  • Interchangeable forks 
  • Full-length, enclosed wrap around UHMW plastic bearings
  • Dual class II and III mountings
  • Inner forks mounted on a chrome pin for greater stability
  • Adjustable fork set spread for different pallet sizes

Cascade Clamp Attachment

Cascade carton clamps offer a solution, whether you’re handling consumer paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, wine packaged foods (canned or boxed), chemicals, or plastics. Cascade Clamp attachments are durable, versatile, and easy to use.

Cascade Push/Pull Attachment

Cascade push/pull attachments, also known as slip sheet handling attachments, allow users to distribute and receive loads on slip sheets rather than pallets. The products typically handled on these attachments include bagged products like seed, agricultural products, cased food, electronics, cosmetics, and bottled beverages.

Cascade offers a wide selection of push/pull forklift attachments, including:

  • 35E & 45E: This attachment is the highest performing and most durable push/pull on the market. It’s highly productive and requires minimal maintenance. 
  • Mark 55: This push/pull is ideal for operations that handle both slipsheeted and palletized products.
  • QFM: QFM (quick fork mount) push/pulls are ideal for applications that require quick and convenient removal and installation of a push/pull attachment. 
  • Sheet-Sav: This push/pull attachment is designed for internal operations. It’s popular for manufacturers that handle products on slip sheets and transfer them to products without a slip sheet.

Maximize Material Handling Operations With Cascade Forklift Attachments

For over 70 years, Cascade Corporation has provided businesses with forklift attachments to help them optimize their day-to-day processes. Cascade products make it easier to lift, load, and transport warehouse inventory and materials. 

Brennan Equipment Services is proud to partner with Cascade to offer customers the best forklift accessories on the market. Ready for a forklift solution that’s built around the way you work? Contact us today to get started! 


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