Although meeting and exceeding customer expectations is a year-round goal for facilities, it’s more crucial during peak consumer seasons. During peak season, it’s essential that you have all the equipment you need to ensure operations run according to plan. Avoid last-minute stressors by getting started on your facility’s material handling rental equipment today.

When Is Rental Equipment Peak Season?

We’re more than halfway through 2021, which means the biggest consumer season of the year is approaching—the holiday season. Holiday season is the peak season for material handling equipment providers because distribution centers need to meet high fulfillment demands, and manufacturing facilities must focus on year-end production.

With the holiday season approaching, customer demands skyrocket, meaning that warehouses work longer hours. During peak season, material handlers need all the help they can get to meet consumer demand. This includes guaranteeing that they have additional material handling resources to help them out even if their equipment fails.

Most Common Types of Rental Warehouse Equipment

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are critical components to meeting logistics goals and ensuring that your company’s day-to-day processes are successful. They have a direct impact on both the overall cost of your operations as well as employee productivity. During peak seasons, warehouses rent forklifts to speed up operations or to have them on deck if one of their forklifts breaks down unexpectedly. 

Internal Combustion Forklifts

Some businesses prefer internal combustion forklift rentals for their peak season operations. These forklifts are powered by gasoline, liquid petroleum, diesel fuel, or compressed natural gas. Benefits of internal combustion forklifts include:

  • Quicker refueling
  • Elimination of potential hazards
  • All terrain for indoor and outdoor use

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts deliver customized solutions for compact warehouse spaces. There are many narrow aisle forklift models to choose from. No matter what narrow aisle forklift rental you choose, all models carry heavy load capacities and offer safe operations for your warehouse workers. 

Forklift Attachments

In addition to forklift equipment rentals, many warehouses also rent forklift attachments to make peak season operations quicker and more productive. Cascade forklift attachments include:

  • Clamp parts
  • Forklift positioners
  • Push/pulls
  • Rotators
  • Side shifters
  • Layer pickers
  • Multiple load handlers
  • And more!

Brennan Supplies Companies With Material Handling Rental Equipment Year-Round

At Brennan, we provide personalized solutions for our customers’ peak season operations. We supply businesses like yours with two forklift rental options:

Short-Term Rental

Only need material handling equipment for a short period of time? We can help you fulfill your temporary needs. Short-term rental options are ideal for companies that are starting to grow their business, relocating to another office, or looking to replace a primary piece of equipment that has broken down.

Turnkey Integrated Solution 

Outsourcing fleet management services enables you to focus on more pressing business matters. There are two main goals of

Don’t know what you need quite yet? Brennan’s Turnkey Integrated Solutions (TIS) allow our experts to work with your team to discover ways to boost revenue and reduce unwanted costs. As a unit, we’ll work together to develop a plan to determine your business needs in terms of material handling equipment and create a customized solution just for you. 

Want to beat the holiday rush? Reach out to your friends at Brennan Equipment Services to make headway on peak season material handling rental equipment! Contact us today.

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