Many businesses choose to rent material handling equipment rather than buy it for consumer peak season and construction projects because they don’t need it for the long term. There are many benefits of renting material handling equipment, including:

No Upfront Purchase Costs

Rental costs are much less harmful to your company’s bottom line than purchasing large pieces of equipment. Businesses avoid expensive upfront costs by renting equipment for the short or long term. This allows business owners to have the material handling equipment they need without significantly impacting their finances. 

No Maintenance Costs

When business owners buy electric forklifts and industrial trucks, they often forget about the long-term expenses of the equipment. By purchasing these types of material handling equipment, they’re also responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance costs.

In addition to no upfront purchasing costs, renting material handling equipment eliminates the risk of maintenance costs. If something goes wrong with the piece of machinery, the rental company is in charge of fixing the vehicle, so you can quickly get back to using it for your business’s operations. 

Avoid Safety and Legal Issues

Through material handling rental programs, you don’t have to worry about your company being a liability for safety and legal issues. Rental companies are responsible for user training and ensuring that pallet trucks and other pieces of equipment are in working condition. 

Material handling rental companies provide clients with expert advice, full risk assessments, lifting plans, and method statements that cover aspects like personal protective equipment, checklists, and operating instructions.

A Wide Selection of Heavy Equipment Models

There’s a lot of material handling equipment on the market, and it can be difficult to choose which product is the best for your business. At Brennan Equipment Services, we supply customers with the best equipment in the industry. We offer rental equipment like: 

Hyundai Forklifts

Since 1991, Hyundai has provided businesses with high-performing forklifts. Hyundai forklifts are the best forklifts in the market because they have optimized safety features and productive applications, offer operational support, are easy to maintain, and include hi-tech disc brake pads. Whether you’re looking for a Class 1, Class 4, or Class 5 forklift, Brennan has everything you’re looking for.

Taylor-Dunn Material Handling Vehicles

Taylor-Dunn material handling vehicles ensure your day-to-day operations remain safe, efficient, and economical. We help businesses stay productive with Taylor-Dunn vehicles like:

Cascade Forklift Attachments

For over 70 years, Cascade has been manufacturing forklift equipment and attachments to ensure that businesses have everything they need to get the job done. Forklift attachments maximize the potential of forklifts.

Brennan supplies businesses with Cascade forklift attachments, including:

  • Clamp Parts
  • Forklift Positioners
  • Mobile Weighing Forks
  • Push and Pulls
  • Rotators
  • Side Shifters
  • Integral Carriages
  • Layer Pickers
  • Multiple Load Handlers
  • And more!

Rent High Performing Material Handling Equipment With Brennan Equipment Services

Whether you need to rent material handling equipment for peak season or a construction project, Brennan is here to lend your business a helping hand. We supply our customers with top-quality material handling equipment for both short- and long-term use. Contact us today to start renting heavy equipment

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