• No large upfront purchase costs:

Clients can avoid the large upfront costs involved by purchasing equipment by renting equipment for desire timeframes. Long term hire can be arranged for a daily, weekly or monthly price at Brennan Equipment Services.

  • No maintenance costs and issues:

When equipment is purchased, the owner is usually responsible for all the maintenance costs and any associates issues such as downtime. Also, remember when you buy equipment it ages and maintenance costs increase simultaneously. It is important to budget for any unexpected costs that can occur when you purchase equipment.

  • Safety and legal issues:

If you rent from us, we are responsible for the training and working conditions of forklift legislation and can offer expert advice together with full risk assessments, lifting plans and method statements which cover aspects such as personal protective equipment, checklists and operating instructions.

  • Choice of models:

Renting equipment enables an element of flexibility for a workplace. The customer can select the appropriate model to rent for a specific job which may be different to a model to that is required for another task. The same level of flexibility cannot be obtained when purchasing.

To make the most suitable decision for your business regarding renting or purchasing your materials handling equipment, reach out to us.  At Brennan, we offer top quality equipment available for our clients to rent. We offer short-term rentals as well as our Turnkey Integrated Solution, and offer different rental options from daily, weekly and monthly. Our team will deliver all equipment onsite quickly and efficiently. Whether your business has a small or large job and you need to rent forklifts, industrial batters, changers or attachments, Brennan is ready to help you rent worry free!



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