When it comes to warehouse safety there are many benefits that are often overlooked. Safety procedures are frequently disregarded in a variety of workplaces due to insufficient time, inadequate resources or an opportunity to cut corners in an attempt to save money. Here at Brennan Equipment Services we do not want you to cut corners. By minimizing the risk of injury, fewer workplace disruptions take place and absenteeism associated with injury is also reduced. All in all, will save your company money.

Safety Guidelines

  1. Ensure Safety Equipment is Used at all Times

In the warehouse it is vital that forklifts are used to lift items that are too heavy, along with eyewear and hard hats. Safety equipment is implemented in order to minimize workplace injury. This will always pay off in the long run.

  1. Eliminate Any Potential Safety Hazards

Always check your surroundings before a project. Ensure all warehousing floors are free of ‘slip and trip’ hazards. This should be done at all times. There should be no stray cords or liquids on the floor.

  1. Clearly Label Designated Hazardous Zones

Dangerous equipment should be stored away in an area that is clearly labeled and safe walk ways should be highlighted through necessary signage.

  1. Forklift Use

Never drive a forklift without training or authorization.

  1. Provide Training and Refresher Courses

Ensure all staff are educated and up to date with knowledge about safe practices within the workplace.

  1. Promote Awareness in your Warehouse

Having a sense of awareness in the work place is an important safety factor. This can be achieved through communication between employees.

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